Offering unbiased, up to date patient focused quality education across forty different speciality having reference information, expert advice, links to other online destinations, helpful hints and checklists, and ways to connect with other consumer and guardian.

IMC offers high quality consumer medical and healthcare informative content writing services on disease conditions; family health - child health, teen health, men health, women health, seniors health, sexual health, tests, procedures, drugs, supplements, herbs; wellness–pregnancy, care during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, newborn care, childcare, food & nutrition; beauty-anti-ageing-cosmetic surgeries, hair care, skin care, spa salon; fitness – exercise, yoga, weight loss, weight gain, stress management, addictions and health news.

Health Library

IMC team expertise writing medically accurate and evidence based content meeting your patient education and digital marketing goals.

Health Awareness Campaign

Like every campaign drives towards its goal, a good strategic campaign always meets it.

Clinical, Health and Wellness News

It is important to keep up with the medical news that affects your health and well-being.

Health Infosites

Healthinfosites are portals that serve as decision support tools to guide the patients/consumers throughout the


Quicksheets are patient education solution providing brief and critical information which helps before and after medical visits.

Writing for Complementary & Alternative Medicine

IMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine articles promote evaluation of all effective therapeutic

Care Guide

IMC integrated suite of services helps you understand your patients, prospects and physicians more intimately.

Patient Newsletter

Build a circle of trust and compassion among your patients by offering monthly multilingual (English / Hindi / Telugu) patient newsletter.


Infographics are one of the most powerful ways to communicate with the consumers, especially in health care. These infographics make a tougher

Video Content

Video is a powerful tool to communicate experience, and using it strategically works wonders.

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