IMC Knowledge Portal is a platform to enrich and empower your field force through training in human anatomy and physiology and therapeutics using interactive multimedia tools and continuous assessment to track the progress.

IMC solution will help sales reps keeping abreast with industry information, product detailing, indication, dosage, clinical trial, product information, new updates, CRM initiatives and patient care information which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Benefit for Company
  • Savings from paper-based training materials
  • Savings on transportation cost to get reps from their respective sales regions to a city for sales meetings
  • Savings on Hotel reservation, meeting center booking, food provided, and staff accommodated for and other miscellaneous expenses
  • Deliver in a consistent manner, across all the employees of organization, particularly if they are located in different geographical locations
  • Interactive content makes learning more fun, less fear and apprehension for Sales Rep
  • Assessment helps to keep track for learner’s progress and scope for improvement
  • Self-paced learning


The knowledge platform was powered by

  1. Video Antibiotic Training kit – Product specific focused towards physicians (marketing) with scientific evidence including the risk factors , sensitivity profile ,resistance ,specified treatment profile ,comparison analysis among the class and different class of medicines ,safety profile and 1st line and 2nd line treatment.
  2. Digital marketing collaterals
  3. E-Visual Aid
  4. Drug updates- Knowledge sharing for doctors - The scope includes regular journal scan and follow-up on conferences to get drug related updates. These are summarized and converted into easily consumable news-bits.
  5. Care Guide with explanatory infographics
  6. Resources for patients and healthcare providers

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