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Driving Awareness and Prevention: A Case Study on Cysticercosis Education via Digital Health Platform

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InfocusRx Marketing and Communications Pvt Ltd collaborated with Indian Immunological Limited (IIL) to launch a new health education portal focusing on “Swine Health & Cysticercosis.” Cysticercosis is a disease caused by the pork tapeworm and is a significant health concern in many parts of the world, including India. IIL has developed the first licensed vaccine against the primary cause of epilepsy, which is related to cysticercosis.


The primary goal of the portal is to raise awareness about cysticercosis and educate people about preventive measures, including vaccination, to control its spread. By providing complete information, the initiative aims to empower individuals and communities to take proactive steps towards disease prevention.


InfocusRx developed a user-friendly website,, as the central platform for sharing information about cysticercosis. The website offers easy access to educational resources, including articles, publications, and interactive tools, to educate audience about the disease and its prevention.


To drive engagement and encourage action, InfocusRx employed various communication strategies. These included leveraging social media platforms to spread awareness, collaborating with healthcare professionals to endorse the initiative, encourage visitors to take a pledge “let us choose vaccinated pork”, and utilizing compelling messaging to motivate visitors to take preventive measures and vaccination.

Key Messages:

The campaign emphasized the importance of vaccination against pork tapeworm infection and highlighted IIL’s ground-breaking achievement in developing the first licensed vaccine for cysticercosis-related epilepsy. The key message encouraged individuals to visit the portal to learn more about cysticercosis and take proactive steps to protect themselves and their communities.


The launch of the health education portal received positive feedback and generated interest among the target audience. The website served as a valuable resource for individuals seeking information about cysticercosis, resulting in awareness and increase in preventive measures, including vaccination.

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