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Empowering Nutritional Awareness Through E-Learning for Poshan Abhiyan

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Client Overview:

Poshan Abhiyan, a Government of India initiative under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, aimed to enhance nutritional outcomes for children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. The goal was to address issues like stunting, under-nutrition, anemia, and low birth weight. The initiative sought to bring awareness about the importance of nutrition to rural and slum communities and to empower front-line health workers through online courses.


The Ministry of Women and Child Development and the National Institute of Nutrition sought a partner to develop online courses that could effectively convey the significance of proper nutrition to target populations. They aimed to engage front-line health workers to initiate behavioral changes in adolescents, mothers, young infants, and pre-school children within these communities.

IMC’s Solution:

IMC collaborated with the National Institute of Nutrition to conceptualize, design, and develop e-learning courseware for Poshan Abhiyan. The focus was on creating a comprehensive and engaging educational program that would facilitate the desired behavioral changes within the target communities.

Course Development Approach:

IMC’s team leveraged their expertise to craft an impactful e-learning solution. The primary audience, front-line health workers of the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), were at the forefront of the strategy. The course content was carefully designed to resonate with these health workers, enabling them to effectively motivate and engage with the community.

Visual and Interactive Learning: A key highlight of the solution was the use of video-based e-learning. IMC’s creative team developed a documentary-style video format with engaging role plays and consistent storyboarding. This approach ensured that the importance of proper nutrition was conveyed effectively to the target audience. The integration of multimedia, animation, soundtracks, and jingles added a dynamic dimension to the learning experience.

Enhancing Learning Efficiency: The utilization of video-based learning brought about enhanced efficiency and improved memory recall among the learners. By incorporating visual and auditory elements, the training program became more appealing and retained the learners’ attention. This approach proved to be far more effective compared to traditional standalone learning methods.

Mobile Learning Platform: To accommodate diverse learning preferences, IMC’s solution included the development of a mobile learning platform. The platform was equipped with integrated assessment and certification features, allowing learners to engage with the content at their convenience while ensuring the effectiveness of the educational program.


IMC’s collaboration with NIN – National Institute of Nutrition resulted in a successful e-learning solution that effectively conveyed the importance of proper nutrition. By harnessing the power of visual and interactive learning, the initiative achieved its goal of driving behavioral changes within target communities. The mobile learning platform further empowered learners by offering flexibility and a streamlined learning experience.

In summary, the partnership between IMC and Poshan Abhiyan showcased the potential of e-learning in addressing critical health issues and catalyzing positive community transformations.

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