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Interactive Webinar

Next-Level Engagement: Leveraging GenAI for
Personalized Digital Patient Experiences

May 03

3:00 PM to 4:00 PM IST

Speaker And Host


Mr. Sreejith Satheesh

Founder of &
Digital Solution Expert


Mr. Srikanth Varma

Growth Manager
IMC Digital Health

Webinar :
Next-Level Engagement: Leveraging GenAI for Personalized Digital Patient Experiences.
Learning Focus Area


Understanding the importance of personalized digital engagement in patient experience for practice growth.


Exploring the benefits of using GenAI to engage healthcare professionals and patients.


Case studies and success stories of brands leveraging personalized digital solutions.


Practical tips and strategies for implementing personalized digital engagement initiatives.


Q&A session to address your specific queries and concerns.

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IMC is a Digital Health Transformation Solution Provider, offering:

Patient Experience

Delivering omni-channel patient experience and engagement solution across the continuum of care delivery.

Pharma Excellence

Enabling digital transformation from drug discovery to drug marketing using internet and social media strategies.

HCP Excellence

Engaging digital-savvy Health Care Professionals with knowledge solutions- research updates and medical information for clinical excellence.

Digital /e-Learning

Enabling digital transformation in medical and health education through innovative technologies, participation, collaboration and problem based learning approach.

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