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Revolutionizing Doctor Engagement and Women’s Health Education –

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Client Background:

A pharmaceutical company specializing in women’s health sought an omnichannel communication strategy to engage with doctors, particularly gynecologists, across India. Their goal was to educate healthcare professionals about their range of prescription (Rx) drugs for various gynecological conditions.

The IMC Solution:

In response to the client’s challenge, IMC team devised a comprehensive solution – the women’s health and wellness portal, This platform aimed to empower women across different life stages with accurate health information and expert advice and engage doctors.

Targeted Audience:

The portal focused on three key segments: Puberty, Fertility, and Menopause women groups, addressing their unique health needs and concerns.

Key Features:

Medically Accurate Content: With over 200+ articles tailored to the Indian context, the portal provided reliable health information across a spectrum of topics.

Clinic Locator: A user-friendly search function allowed users to locate gynecologists across India, facilitating easy access to medical care.

Engagement Quizzes: Interactive quizzes were employed as an engagement tool to educate users while testing their knowledge on various health topics.

Health Calculators: The portal offered a range of calculators for different purposes including assessing high-risk pregnancy, conception, menstrual cycles, pregnancy calorie intake, postmenopausal osteoporosis risk, and more.

Teleconsultation Services: In adherence to Telemedicine guidelines 2022, the portal facilitated secure teleconsultations with gynecologists, enhancing accessibility to medical expertise.

Community Forum: An interactive women’s community forum enabled users to seek expert opinions, fostering a sense of community and shared knowledge.

Social Media Campaign: “We Talk … Do You?”

Objective: To break the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation, fertility, and menopause.


  • Challenging Social Stigma: Addressing the cultural taboo linked to female reproductive health.
  • Empowering Open Communication: Encouraging conversations within families and friend circles about women’s health.
  • Dispelling Misinformation: Promoting accurate clinical information related to women’s health.

Results and Impact:

  • Doctor Engagement: The client saw an increase in engagement with gynecologists, enhancing their understanding of the Rx drug range.
  • User Empowerment: The portal garnered significant user traffic, equipping women with credible health information and tools for informed decisions.
  • Community Building: The social media campaign led to a growing online community, fostering open dialogues and combating taboos.

The transformational journey from a mere communication challenge to a holistic women’s health platform showcases the power of an integrated approach. By embracing technology, accurate information, and community engagement, not only enriched doctor interactions but also empowered women across India to take charge of their health and well-being

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